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The following is a list of frequently asked questions that homeowners have about our products. Any questions not addressed here can be brought up to our attention by using the form on our contact page.

How thick is your grout mix product?
The application is 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch thick.

Does the color fade?
Our colors and sealers are 100% acrylic and UV safe.

What does it look like?
It can be fashioned to look like natural stone, flagstone, slate, tile, Kool-deck, and many other designs.

What colors and design does it come in?
It’s all “custom”. It comes in any shape and color that you desire.

What is the life expectancy of the application?
We know of decks 10 years old and older.

Does it have to be resealed on a yearly basis?
We recommend that you re-seal every 2 – 5 years.

How long does it take to finish a job?
It depends on the square footage, most average jobs take 3 – 4 days.

How do you treat cracks in the concrete prior to applying a concrete coating?”
Cracks are sawed open and filled with “Pure Texture” Crack Control.

Will cracks re-occur?
Cracks can occur when there is ground movement. So it is possible.

How strong and durable are concrete coatings compared to regular concrete?
We carry coatings that are rated at 7200 PSI, 2.5 times stronger than your average concrete pour.

What can coatings be applied to?
Concrete, spray-deck, ceramic tile, any masonry surface and with the proper preparation, wood, sheetrock, basically anything that is clean and sound.

Can this be applied to driveways, vertical surfaces and steps?

Can this be applied over painted concrete?
Loose paint must be removed and it will adhere to epoxy and most painted surfaces.

How hot is it on bare feet?
An acrylic modified coating is 15% cooler than regular concrete.

Is it slippery?
Even though some coatings are rated “skid resistant”, we recommend “Pure-Grip” introduced in the final coat of sealer.” “Pure-Grip” is a widely used, micro-fine aggregate to insure a non slip surface.

What is the guarantee?
Most contractors boast a 10 year warranty against flaking, peeling and chipping as long as you agree to a maintenance program which includes a re-seal every two years.

Do you have references?
We have many job references across the country that you may call or visit.

Is the finished job easy to keep clean?
A simple rinse with a garden hose weekly will maintain its beauty.

Is it stain resistant?
Its penetrating sealer repels motor oil, food stains, muratic acid and most chemicals.

How soon can we walk on it?
24 hours before foot traffic, 3 days before furniture and 7 days before vehicle traffic.

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