St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary


St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary school in Virginia is the largest project that we supply to date! Stretching across 1,100 acres, our Pure Texture coatings system covers over 600,000 square feet of the interior walls, including a chapel, refectory, hallways, dorms, classrooms, bathrooms etc.! The project broke ground in 2012 and is scheduled to be completed in November 2016.

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The general contractor of this project was in need of a durable product for all of its interior walls. After a few samples of various products, they decided to go with Pure Texture decorative concrete coatings. Why Pure Texture? Rather than using a typical stucco or plaster, Pure Texture was preferred because of its strength, acrylic modification, adhesion, color and ease of application.

During the course of the Pure Texture application, this ongoing project had endured the challenges of all of nature’s elements, such as extreme heat during the summer and the freezing temperatures in winter. Through all the elements and working around the different trades, Pure Texture’s high strength mix was applied and preformed exceptionally with less than 1% issues, which were easily remedied.

The Scope of Our Involvement

We manufactured and supplied the Pure Texture concrete coatings for the walls. In this case our custom colored mix “PT Cream”. Normally anyone who purchases our products must attend a seminar/training to learn our mixing methods, techniques, etc. But because this was a vast and ongoing project, we chose to make several “on the job training” visits to ensure that the various situations were dealt with directly to achieve maximum results.