Pure Texture manufactures a wide variety of concrete overlay products. Contractors who have participated in at least one of our training seminars are certified to purchase our following products.

High Strength Grout Mix  Pure Texture High Strength Grout Mix

A high-strength polymer-modified grout mix designed for replicating stone textures over existing concrete, spray-deck, or masonry surfaces. PT Texture is chemically designed to address the many challenges of replicating natural stone textures. Available in White, Gray & Sandstone. For additional colors, see the Color Chart.

1 to 1 Acrylic Resin  Pure Texture 1-to-1 Acrylic Resin

A polymer resin to increase cohesion and strengthen concrete/ masonry products. PT Resin is specifically formulated for the long pot life, rapid cure time, and extreme durability required for decorative concrete surfacing.

Epoxy HG Primer  Pure Texture Epoxy

Pure Texture Epoxy is a two-component, 100% solids (no VOC), low viscosity custom formulation. It may be used for sealing smooth porous cementitious surfaces of a decorative nature, acid stained floors, Concrete & Decorative counter-tops, flake flooring systems, as well as a binder and sealer for seamless epoxy/color quartz surfaces and flake flooring system. Not for exterior use. See color chart here.

Integral Pigments  Pure Texture Integral Pigments

A highly concentrated, alkali-free, liquid dispersion pigmentation system formulated specifically to integrally color PT Texture and or any cementatious products. PT Pigments are available in a myriad of standard colors. (Custom colors available)

Acrylic Stains  Pure Texture Acrylic Stains

An acrylic-modified pigmented stain designed to color Synthetic Rock Systems, Counter-Tops with Pure Texture Coatings products or any masonry product that you are trying to achieve a “Faux Granite effect”. Pure Texture Acrylic Stains can be sprayed through an airless gun, pump-up sprayer, sponged or dashed onto surface. Colors should be overlaid to create depth and realistic rock or granite pigmentation. It can also be used to accent Pure Texture Coatings as desired. (Available in 12 different colors)

Pure Stain  Pure Texture Pure-Stains

Produced in water formulations, Pure-Stain is a penetrating liquid stain that provides an alternative to decorative acid stains that is suitable for interior as well as exterior applications. This product does not require neutralizing, rinsing, or post-application cleanup. Just spray it on, let it dry, and seal it. The stain is available in myriad of colors. (Available in 1 and 5 gallon containers)

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Accent Powders  Pure Texture Accent Powders

Pure Texture has produced a dry coloring system that will not only enhance, but help strengthen concrete coatings. With these powders, highlights, veining, marbleizing and other techniques become possible easier and faster, adding up to a more detailed product. This product is not offered by anyone else! For available colors, see the Color Chart.

Thermo-Plastic Sealer  Pure Texture Thermo-Plastic Sealer

A premium acrylic carried in solvent base. Thermo-plastic sealer is a penetrating, non-yellowing sealer that has been used successfully to seal Texture, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate and many other masonry surfaces. Thermo-plastic provides excellent wear resistance, gloss retention and gives surfaces the best possible protection from U.V. fade. Thermo-plastic, with its deep penetration, seals surfaces from foreign substances such as grease, oil and moisture. We can custom blend this sealer to achieve anywhere from a satin to a gloss finish.

Pure Grip  Pure Texture Pure Grip

A micronized polymer, Pure Grip helps create a more skid resistant surface. This product is specially formulated to work with Pure Texture products and most concrete surfaces.

Crack Control  Pure Texture Crack Control

Pure Texture Crack Control is a 2 part polyurethane that penetrates deep into concrete to make permanent repairs. When injected into a crack, Pure Texture Crack Control penetrates the pores in a web-like fashion that fuses and shores-up the existing concrete as well as making the repair. Bonds and cures in just 15 minutes to over 4000PSI.

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 Pro-Red Waterproofing Membrane Pro-Red

A ready-to-use, elastomeric, waterproofing and crack prevention membrane for all interior or exterior commercial and residential Decorative Concrete, tile, and stone installations. It can also be used as a vapor barrier in bathrooms, kitchens, saunas etc. Sold in 2-gallon & 5-gallon pails.

Polyurethane Hardener Pure Texture Polyurethane

Recommended for applications that warrant a finish that is harder than epoxy. It is designed to go over existing epoxy or straight on new decorative concrete or concrete applications.

Tapes Tapes

A unique process for replicating stone, tile and slate with precision authenticity while still maintaining low labor and high profit potential. They are available in multiple sizes.

Accelerant, Retarder, and Degreaser Pure Texture Accelerant*
Used in Pure Texture Coatings to speed up the setting time of the Pure Texture Coatings. Add 8 oz. of accelerator to each 50 lb. bag of Pure Texture Coating Mix.

Pure Texture Degreaser
Attacks grease and oil for easier removal. Used to clean concrete floors, driveways and walkways, and aids in the removal of stains when pressure cleaning concrete.

Pure Texture Retarder*
Used to slow down the setting time of the Pure Texture Coatings. Add 3 to 5 oz. Retarder to each 50 lb. bag of Pure Texture Mix.

*Recommended amount of Retarder & Accelerant to use can vary due to humidity and temperature. These products are available in 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers.

Floor Leveler 1.5 Pure Texture Floor Leveler 1.5

A high strength polymer modified grout mix designed for filling low spots or re-leveling areas from 1/8th inch to 1.5 inches over existing concrete and masonry surfaces. Designed to be mixed with PT 1 to 1 Resin.

Water Base Sealer Pure Texture Water Based Sealer

An acrylic sealer carried in a water solution. Second to none, this water based sealer has a very high level of hardness and flexibility. Used in situations when you need a top quality sealer to be used in areas that cannot tolerate high VOC’s. It has the best “Hot Tire Resistance” against staining and adhesion in the Industry. This product has less than 100 grams per liter VOC, is blush resistant, holds slip resistant agents such as “Pure Grip” and was developed with Nano Polymer Technology!

Comes in a Satin, Super Satin and Gloss Finish.


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